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Rami Fahmy

Rami Fahmy

Director, NSure General Insurance Advisors

"I think from an insurance perspective, [brokers] are [becoming] interested in clients that are attending to their risk management and seeing insurance policies as a fundamental transfer of residual risk, [rather than] the primary shield of protection."

Episode 6, Insurance Matters


Rita Yates

CEO and Co-Founder, Insurtech Australia

"One of the biggest challenges at the moment in the insurance industry is meeting changing customer demands in a changed world... Often, insurance products, in the way that insurance is designed, don't necessarily match up with what a consumer expects today."

Episode 3, Insurance Matters


Karina Rodríguez-Díaz

Crisis Management Underwriting Manager, HDI Global Specialty SE

"What I discovered was that insurance was much more than just the ‘safe blanket’ type of approach. I discovered you could do a lot of things within insurance industry. [And at that time], I mainly specialised in D&O, Financial Lines, and then Terrorism, and so I started having a lot of exposure with my UK colleagues out of Marsh."

Episode 4, Insurance Matters